Baker Hughes Lawsuit


Baker Vs. Robbins

The Baker Hughes lawsuit is one of the most talked about lawsuits in recent history. Two bakery owners were found guilty of discrimination for refusing to bake a cake for a customer based on her sexual orientation. The case was filed by the Gay and Lesbian Consumer Action Center. It brought to light the fact that there are still legal issues surrounding same-sex marriage and discrimination. The ruling in this lawsuit will be used as precedent in other courts if it is victorious.

Lawyers for the Bakers v. Lawrence attorneys stated in an interview after the ruling that they would appeal the ruling to the US Supreme Court. In an interview with CNN legal analyst Jeffrey D. Hermes, Bakkers attorney John Eastwood said; “I am obviously thrilled and extremely surprised. The court did not take into consideration the fact that the couple actually had a free choice of whether or not to celebrate this particular holiday. The government has failed to present any evidence or argument to the court that further discrimination exists in areas of public accommodation including bakeries.” He went on to state;

People who disagree with the outcome of this lawsuit are quick to say that it is a touchy issue when it comes to free speech and religion. The defendants in this case, David Baker and Joseph Robbins, were accused of denying a customer service item because of her sexual preference. It is important to remember that the defendants were abiding by the law when they denied the woman service. They were also within their rights to deny service to someone based on their race, religious beliefs, national origin, age, etc.

There is no doubt that the case was an extremely important case. There was a large crowd of people outside the court and there were loud and clear signs stating that anyone attending the proceeding must be absolutely quiet or they would be disruptive. While many attorneys are sympathetic towards the plight of Baker and the couple’s attorneys, others are clearly opposed to the entire case. Many of these people do not hold a position in law, but rather are just disgruntled citizens against the judges.

As one can surmise, David Baker and Joseph Robbins were obviously innocent. However, this does not negate the importance of the lawsuit. On the other hand, it does serve to teach us a valuable lesson in how to deal with those who wish to hurt people simply for holding a different opinion than what majority of Americans believe and are vocal about. We need to be careful about those who want to intimidate others and we need to be even more mindful when it comes to hiring attorneys to represent ourselves in these types of lawsuits.

If you are thinking about filing a similar lawsuit, it would be wise to research the attorneys. Find ones who have experience in your particular area of law. Get as many quotes from as many legal firms as you can. Remember, the cheapest price is not always the best so shop around.

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