Bob and Mac’s Lawsuit


The plaintiffs in the Mac and Bob’s Lawsuit are asking for $1 million due to injuries sustained when the two were doing work on a building site. They claim that Bob did not have proper insurance and did not make any kind of preparations to protect them from harm. The company is also claiming that they only recently started working on the site after being told that Bob had been hurt just days before. Both plaintiffs are asking for damages based on the negligence of the defendants.

Mac and Bob’s Lawsuit

Bob was doing some work on a wood project when he was cut from his pair of welding gloves. He says that he lost several sets of gloves, which ultimately cost him quite a bit to replace. Because of this, Bob and several other employees were not paid for their work on that site over the winter.

The workers decided to file a lawsuit against Mac and Bob’s for failing to pay them. The attorneys for Mac and Bob’s have hired attorneys general in the state of Massachusetts to represent them in the case.

An attorney who works on a contingency basis is paid by the defendant’s insurance company, but receives no money if the case is won.

Attorneys general are paid their fees upfront and get a percentage of any damages that are awarded to the plaintiff. It is typical for attorneys to charge between five and ten percent of the settlement or award. This figure can vary depending on the attorney. Many lawyers will charge up to 25 percent if they win the case.

There were a lot of safety precautions that were not taken when Bob and Mac were doing work.

For example, Bob was required to put on eye protection while working with nails and he also had to wear a mask designed to protect him from the fumes of burning coal. Yet, he did not wear these necessary protective equipment. Additionally, Bob did not have his own well-stocked water to drink. He did not bring his own lunch to work; he ate what the other men threw into their lunch boxes.

Lawyers who represent corporations usually receive a percentage of the settlement or award in cases like Bob and Mac’s.

Yet, this particular case did not involve a corporation, so the attorneys did not receive any of the settlement or award. This could affect how the attorneys general to deal with such cases, as well.

In addition to the fees that Bob and Mac must pay their attorneys, they will need to pay court costs and other legal expenses incurred during the suit.

The total amount owed to the attorneys could be thousands of dollars. It is best for individuals who do not have a lot of money to hire an attorney, but there are some circumstances in which hiring an attorney makes sense. If you feel that you have been wronged in any way, and you cannot afford to fight the case on your own, you should strongly consider using an attorney.

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