Divorce Lawyers – What to Look For in a Divorce Lawyer


If you are considering divorce, you may be wondering what to look for in a divorce lawyer in Winchester VA. There are several options to consider, including retaining the services of a lawyer who specializes in family law and civil litigation. The Solomon Law Group also has a divorce attorney with extensive business and financial experience. Their divorce attorneys can help you obtain an express divorce in about three weeks. Whether or not you can afford a divorce lawyer in Winchester VA will depend on your circumstances.

Solomon Law Group

Deborah Solomon, one of the Solomon Law Group’s divorce lawyers in Winchester, VA, is a compassionate and skilled business and personal injury attorney. She is well-versed in the complexities of financial, vocational, and psychological issues that arise in a divorce. Her extensive experience includes evaluating the complex property and spousal support claims. She also has extensive knowledge in corporate law and is adept at handling contested divorces.

The ruling affirms the bankruptcy court’s ruling in Deborah Collins v. Collins. Michael Collins argued that Solomon lacked standing to pursue his fees in bankruptcy court and the Circuit Court of Appeals agreed. Deborah Collins no longer asserted her claim for attorney’s fees on her behalf. The ruling will be made public. The appellate court will issue an appropriate order. However, if Deborah Collins fails to pay her attorney’s fees, the matter will go back to the bankruptcy court.

Mr. Kreitzer is an experienced family law and civil litigation attorney

Matthew Kreitzer, a member of the Virginia Bar, has been practicing law for nearly eight years. He has extensive experience handling a wide variety of family law and civil litigation issues. In addition to his general practice, Mr. Kreitzer handles cases involving divorce, adoption, Guardianship/Conservatorships, child support, and visitation. He has also represented clients in the courts of Prince William County and the Washington, DC, area.

Autumn D. McCullogh, a member of the firm’s Fairfax office, focuses her practice on estate and tax planning and trust administration. She also handles fiduciary litigation cases. Additionally, she advises clients on asset protection and wealth preservation issues, as well as family dynamics and charitable giving. She is also the Treasurer of the Fairfax County Bar Association.

Ms. Solomon has an extensive business and financial background

Ms. Solomon’s extensive business and financial background should be a factor when hiring divorce lawyers in Winchester VA. The case entails a three-month separation and three separate trials, and she is owed more than $135,000 by the client for her services. She also has extensive experience in the law, including in international trade. In addition, Ms. Solomon has a long list of satisfied clients, including many former clients.

Ms. Solomon is an experienced divorce lawyer with an extensive business and financial background. She has successfully negotiated multi-million dollar contracts and understands the complexities of business and financial matters. Her extensive business and financial background makes her a valuable asset in these cases. She is also a compassionate and highly skilled litigator. While other divorce lawyers may be content to take the case to trial, Ms. Solomon has the experience necessary to bring a case to a successful conclusion.

Ms. Solomon can obtain an express divorce in about 3 weeks

Ms. Solomon has extensive experience evaluating both large and small businesses. She is familiar with financial, vocational, and psychological professionals, and is skilled at evaluating complex properties. With a proven track record, Ms. Solomon can obtain an express divorce in less than three weeks. In addition to being knowledgeable about divorce law, she understands business and financial issues. She can guide you through the process with compassion and skill.

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