Essure Class Action Lawsuits


One of the newest forms of lawsuit financing developed for litigants in Essure litigation is a lawsuit Class Action. A class action lawsuit allows multiple plaintiffs to join together and file a single lawsuit against the manufacturer of Essure sterilization devices, and any other manufacturers who might be responsible for selling Essure devices to unknowing women. Because the complaint is filed as a class, all individual plaintiffs are able to bring their claims to the attention of the same class of defendants. By filing a single lawsuit in the name of the entire class, the risk of higher overall compensation becomes remote.

The litigation will be overseen by a neutral arbitrator, an individual who is not affiliated with either side of the lawsuit. In the vast majority of cases, the arbitrator’s decision will be binding on all individual plaintiffs as well as defendants. Once the case is filed in a state court, the parties will jointly select an attorney to handle the case. No discovery will be required as part of the case and no trial will be scheduled. An initial conference will be scheduled.

The claims process is much simpler if only one party sues. If Essure was sold illegally by a rogue manufacturer, there would be multiple lawsuits filed against that manufacturer. Each individual plaintiff would bring her claim against the manufacturer, hoping to gain damages for her pain and suffering and for the costs of her Essure surgery. However, if only one party is responsible for the actions of the manufacturer, each individual plaintiff is left with a smaller pool of potential plaintiffs to pursue their claim against.

One advantage of the Essure lawsuit is that all of the potential class members can join together in one lawsuit against the manufacturer of Essure sterilization devices. This would circumvent the issue of disparate legal interests, which can arise if multiple plaintiffs bring their claims against the same company. The Essure lawsuit class action also increases the likelihood of a favorable judgment, because all of the cases are brought on the same claim or theory.

The problem arises when a company makes modifications to its product. For instance, a woman who had ordered an Essure coil that contained the non-pregnant version of the coil may now choose to order the coil that contains the spermicide version of the coil. A slight variation of this particular procedure could cause a new lawsuit being filed by the individual plaintiffs. When modifications are made to a product like this, it is called a modification. Modifications are often the result of lawsuits that are based on false representations by the manufacturer.

Essure lawsuit support groups are available to advise individuals who are considering filing a Essure lawsuit. Support groups can also advise an individual of his rights as well as the benefits of contacting a class action lawsuit attorney. Class action lawyers can help a client to evaluate the merits of the Essure lawsuit. These lawyers will do their best to protect the interests of the individual plaintiffs as best as possible. Essure has been discontinued in many states due to legal challenges. The claims of Essure lawsuit victims are still being litigated in courts around the country.

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