Facts About Pfizer Zoloft Lawsuit


One of the Pfizer Zoloft lawsuits is due to the fact that they have been negligent in their promotion and marketing of the product. The complaint was that they promoted the drug through television advertising which was very deceptive. A number of celebrities including David Bowie, James Dean and Britney Spears were seen singing around with Pfizer drugs at various events.

They were never approved for this use by the FDA and so it was necessary for them to file a lawsuit against the company. The case was settled out of court without a settlement agreement being reached.

Pfizer Zoloft Lawsuit

The Pfizer Zoloft lawsuit was not the only one that was brought against the company as a result of their promotion of this drug. There was another lawsuit filed against them in June of 2021.

This time, the class action suit was brought against them by all the women that died from Pfizer’s Zoloft drug. Their attorney claimed that there was a link between the deaths and the drug. The class action suit was resolved in August of 2021 without any jury trial taking place.

In September of 2021, David R. Korsch, a professor at the University of Chicago Medical School, published his paper on Viagra and sexual disorders.

He stated that Viagra increased the probability of males experiencing premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and decreased libido. He also stated that the main problem behind these negative side effects is due to the fact that Pfizer did not perform proper studies before selling the medicine to the public.

He also pointed out that the company’s sales people were given information on the benefits of Viagra and pressured them to push this product on unwilling customers.

The Pfizer Zoloft lawsuit may seem like an extreme case but it is far from the truth.

There are many lawsuits against Pfizer due to their negligence. Many of these cases have been in court for over seven years now and are still going strong. The reason behind this is because they are seeking compensation for their loss and for the stress caused by constant reminders of the negative side effects of Pfizer drugs.

The company has countersued the plaintiffs in the case saying that they are only seeking compensation for lost wages and for the anxiety that the drug has caused them.

The Pfizer attorneys have said that these claims are mere embellishments and that the case is not likely to succeed. However, lawyers for the company have said that there is a ninety percent chance of winning the case if the case is tried before a jury. This means that either the plaintiff or the defendant will have to go to court in order to prove that the other person or company is liable for the injuries and damages that have been sustained.

Another advantage for the plaintiffs is that in most courtrooms it is easier for them to obtain compensatory damages or settlements than it is for the defendants to receive anything. In most cases, the courts will just give the plaintiff compensatory damages as a form of justice.

One positive note is that the Pfizer Zoloft lawsuit has caused a lot of changes in the pharmaceutical industry.

It has brought to light the dangers of taking large doses of antidepressants without proper counseling. If you have been affected by this case, you should consult with an experienced personal injury attorney today. With the help of a good lawyer, you can get your justice and obtain a suitable settlement.

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