Ferrellgas Lawsuit


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Ferrellgas lawsuit is one of the major cases filed in the state of Florida, against a St. Louis based restaurant chain. The plaintiff is alleging that this restaurant’s owner, David Ferrellgas, knew that his restaurant was dirty and did nothing to make it more clean, but rather used a well-known false statement in order to lure more customers into his restaurant. The Ferrellgas lawsuit further states that he failed to make any significant changes as required by the local government code and thus continued to allow sub-standard conditions to flourish within his restaurant. As such, Ferrellgas claims that he has suffered injury as a direct result of his restaurant’s sub-par hygiene and poor performance.

Ferrellgas Lawsuit

According to the restaurant’s owner, David Ferrellgas, he made a few minor changes to his restaurant over a period of time in an effort to improve the hygiene of the establishment. However, as he had expected, things did not work out the way he had planned.

For one thing, he had to close down the restaurant temporarily while making the necessary modifications to the kitchen and restrooms. However, even after having restarted his restaurant, Ferrellgas claims that the problem with his restaurant’s hygiene is still there and has thus compelled him to file a lawsuit against his former restaurant’s owner.

A quick perusal through the St Louis Business Journal’s classifieds should give you enough of an idea as to the type of business that David Ferrellgas owns.

Ferrellgas owns two pizzerias, one in Florida and one in Illinois. He also owns a bar called the Blue Moon, which was located at the same address as Blue Moon.

The St Louis Business Journal reported that, in a meeting with local officials, Ferrellgas was quoted as saying that, if elected mayor of St. Louis, he would target the cleaning of the city’s public restrooms and kitchens like Blue Moon did, though he did not say how he was going to do so. As a matter of fact, he offered to buy the restaurant from its current owners and clean it out completely.

When he purchased the restaurant from its previous owners, Ferrellgas made sure that all of the customers who used the restroom were given a free drink, along with a twenty-four hour number to call in case they had a question.

If the restaurant was filthy, he was willing to pay the employees and owners who had left the public restrooms dirty to make up for it. As a matter of fact, he sent out letters to the owners of the restaurants, offering to clean the restrooms, change the linens, and even cover the cleaning costs up to a certain amount if they agreed to such terms.

Though the owners refused his offer, Ferrellgas filed a lawsuit against them and soon after received a $100,000 dollar judgment against them in St. Louis County court.

So, is this story different from that of a number of other public restroom lawsuit fraud cases? Well, maybe, but there’s actually a pretty good reason why it’s not.

Consider that Ferrellgas received his large judgment against these defendants because they refused to acknowledge that their cleaners cleaned the public restrooms and did not offer a written guarantee that they would take care of the cleaning.

This in itself is definitely a form of lawsuit fraud and should be taken very seriously. It should also be noted that Ferrellgas did not contact any of the attorneys handling the case to discuss his lawsuit.

As you can see, if you receive an offer to settle your case without ever contacting anyone about your case, don’t take it. You have a legitimate lawsuit and the only people who need to know about your lawsuit are the lawyers handling it. If you’ve been defrauded in this way, don’t put it to the side. Act quickly so you don’t fall victim to what is known as “fraudulent litigation syndrome”.

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