Mercedes Diesel Lawsuit


Could Mercedes Be Cheating On Diesel Engines?

The Mercedes-Benz manufacturer is currently facing a class action lawsuit filed by consumers against the manufacturer for allegedly misleading the public regarding the degree of emissions from their vehicles. According to news reports, a class action lawsuit has been filed in U.S. District Court in California against the manufacturer, claiming that the manufacturer knew that their cars would pollute the environment and yet chose not to take action to mitigate this problem. In addition to the pollution claims, the complaint revolves around a failure by the company to warn consumers of the potential health risks associated with continued use of their cars. The complaint also claims that the manufacturer’s warranty practices violate consumer protection laws. If allowed to proceed, the lawsuit could have a significant impact on the industry. While no final decisions have been made as of this writing, it appears that the class action lawsuit is headed for court.

Mercedes Diesel Lawsuit

While the Benzdiesel Diesel lawsuit is currently in the discovery phase, it’s important to note that this process is generally the least costly and least risky for a manufacturer to endure. Class action lawsuits, by definition, require that the plaintiffs must be able to demonstrate a substantial enough claim of damages for their suit to be successful.

With most manufacturers having spent billions of dollars on research and development to minimize emissions from their vehicles, the expense of a legal battle likely will not break the company’s financial bottom line. The company may decide to fight back vigorously if the complaint is unfounded. However, if the company does decide to fight the complaint, it will have a number of powerful advantages over pursuing a traditional lawsuit:

For one, it will force the manufacturer to come clean about their plans to cheat on emissions standards.

The Clean Air Act allows courts to order vehicles to be tested for emission levels. Once the testing is complete, the government can mandate that vehicles must meet certain standards or face stiff penalties. Benz has determined that it is in its best interest to avoid having to comply with these laws.

Because of this, the company is expected to present evidence in its defense of the lawsuit that shows how their cars don’t pose a risk of air pollution and that they are within the law’s requirements in regard to emissions cheating.

Another advantage to the manufacturer is the company will need to prove that its engines are safe to use in diesel vehicles.

Because diesel engines produce less emissions than gasoline engines, any increase in the vehicle’s fuel efficiency can have a significant effect on the size of the lawsuit.

A Mercedes diesel lawsuit can involve up to five millions in damages or costs as a result of the company cheating on fuel efficiency. For this reason, it is unlikely that a manufacturer will settle the case without first taking the chance of paying out significant sums of money.

If the company successfully avoids the settlement, it will also gain valuable time in the case.

TheEsprinter and Dusseldorf plant was discovered by environmental groups and members of the German Green Party. The manufacturers have been ordered to clean up their act after the companies’ management refused to acknowledge liability over the effects caused by their diesel cars.

The company is appealing the ruling, which could result in significant fines and monetary compensation. If the appeal goes against the company, it is expected that the Esprinter plant will close. Mercedes has already indicated that it plans to expand its diesel cars production facilities in Dusseldorf, so it is highly likely that other German auto plant will be affected if the ruling is enforced.

If you would like to find out more about the lawsuit and how it could impact on the future of Mercedes and its competitors, you can visit Car News Daily. Car News Daily carries an extensive list of Mercedes-Benz diesel lawsuit news and articles. The site includes links to additional information regarding the case, so you can learn everything you need to know. If you are currently planning on purchasing a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, you owe it to yourself to check into the vehicle’s emissions profile before you make your purchase.

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