New Jersey Lawyers Fund and Medal of Honor Awards Dinner


This article will discuss the NJ Lawyers Fund and its disciplinary system. We will also talk about the NJA’s Ineligible Attorneys List, as well as the recent Medal of Honor Awards Dinner. This article is not intended to be an indictment of the NJ Lawyers Fund. But it does explain some of its practices, including the misappropriation of funds and the Medal of Honor Awards Dinner. If you’re an attorney in New Jersey, you should know about it.

NJ lawyers fund vs. NJ lawyers fund

If you’ve ever been the victim of fraudulent lawyer behavior, you may be wondering if there is a New Jersey Lawyers Fund for Client Protection. The fund reimburses attorneys if their client’s funds or property were stolen or misappropriated. This fund is run by a trustee board and does not receive public money, but is instead funded by an annual assessment of all attorneys practicing in the state of New Jersey. The fund is designed to protect the interests of clients by making sure that the legal profession is held to the highest standards.

The Fund is a government entity that was created by the New Jersey Supreme Court. It is responsible for providing financial assistance to attorneys who have incurred losses due to dishonest conduct in the course of practicing law in the State. The Fund is administered by a seven-member Board of Trustees, appointed by the Supreme Court. The trustees must adopt rules governing their administration and investment powers. The fund is financed through mandatory annual contributions made by New Jersey attorneys.

NJ lawyers fund misappropriated funds

Recently, the New Jersey Supreme Court decided cases involving experienced attorneys misappropriating funds from clients. These cases arose from faulty procedures by attorneys and the failure to adhere to strict accounting rules. While the Lawyers’ Fund is not responsible for the misappropriation of funds, it does have a duty to hold attorneys accountable. This is especially important for clients who have misplaced trust funds with attorneys. The Lawyers’ Fund is in the best position to fight these cases because of the knowledge it has gained from experience and judicial precedent.

The Fund was established by the Supreme Court to compensate clients for losses due to dishonesty by attorneys. All New Jersey attorneys contribute to this fund, which is administered by a board of trustees. The fund is not funded by public money, but rather by an annual assessment of lawyers. The rules for reimbursement set forth the conditions for eligibility, as well as the maximum amount that can be reimbursed. The Lawyers’ Fund has set limits and guidelines for determining whether a particular attorney’s funds were misappropriated.

NJ lawyers fund’s Ineligible Attorneys List

As a six-term senator for Essex County, Nia Gill is on the Ineligible Attorneys List after failing to pay her annual registration fee required by New Jersey court rules. Even though she has lost her license, she still holds her $70,416 per-year job as general counsel for the Essex County Improvement Authority. The list will go into effect on October 5, 2020. The New Jersey Lawyers Fund for Client Protection has a comprehensive list of lawyers who have violated this rule.

The list was developed by the Lawyers’ Fund to protect legal consumers, promote the integrity of the bar, and protect the good name of New Jersey attorneys. The fund also promotes public confidence in the administration of justice in the Empire State. The Lawyers’ Fund’s video, produced by former Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye, includes interviews with law client victims and Fund Trustees. Acrobat reader is required for viewing the video.

NJ lawyers fund’s Medal of Honor Awards Dinner

The prestigious New Jersey Lawyers Fund is recognizing several distinguished attorneys at its annual Medal of Honor Awards Dinner on March 29, 2019. Two alumni will be honored at the ceremony: Felipe Chavana ’76, who is the executive director of Essex-Newark Legal Services in Newark. He will receive the Charles J. Hollenbeck Award presented by the New Jersey Commission on Professionalism. Also recognized is Vivian Isaboke ’20, a New Jersey associate in Bressler, Amery & Ross LLP’s Cybersecurity, Privacy & Technology Practice. She is a Certified Information Privacy Professional in/United States.

The Public Interest Award recognizes exceptional work on behalf of public interest concerns and other causes. Examples include work on behalf of persons with limited means or those who work with charitable organizations to help others. Other recipients may include those whose work has secured or protected civil liberties or improved the law. The National Lawyers Guild also recognizes student pro bono work with the organization’s Medal of Honor Awards. The dinner is held annually to honor the outstanding contributions of these students.

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