Omeprazole Class Action Lawsuit: A Potential Scenario for Personal Injury Claims


There isn’t currently a omeprazole class action lawsuit filed. But victims can still file an omeprazole lawsuit in the past. In the past, such drugs were considered to be completely safe, but recent studies have been mounting evidence that even long-term use can cause unpleasant side effects for those who take them. One particular side effect is called acanthamoeba keratitis, which is severe and painful blisters that are found on the surface of the patient’s mouth or nose.

The doctor who prescribed the medicine will typically prescribe antibiotics to get rid of the infection, but if those antibiotics aren’t used, then the bacteria can spread to other parts of the body.

Omeprazole Class Action Lawsuit

This is why it’s important for anyone who was subjected to such treatment to join the omeprazole class action lawsuit. Attorneys handling such lawsuits work to ensure that people who were injured by the wrong pharmaceutical company get compensated. One of the main goals is to help patients with severe bone fractures, especially young children, overcome the emotional trauma that comes along with suffering from such a debilitating condition.

These lawsuits also work to help show that a pharmaceutical company was aware of problems with their products and did nothing about it. This evidence could help in convincing courts to help compensate victims for their losses.

In addition, these lawsuits are useful because they help to show that big pharmaceutical companies aren’t the only ones that can produce this type of medicine.

In fact, many generic forms of the drug are sold in grocery stores and pharmacies around the country, without warning patients about the serious side effects that are associated with lansoprazole. In some cases, a person could die because they took the wrong medication. There are many cases of such fatal accidents that have occurred in recent times.

For this reason, it’s very important that any person using or taking omeprazole – whether they’re suffering from a food intolerance or a severe form of arthritis – consult a lawyer who is experienced in cases like these.

A recent lawsuit involved an elderly woman in California.

The woman, identified as Mrs. R., had fallen ill after she started taking omeprazole to treat a gastric ulcer. The pharmaceutical company that manufactured the medicine sent information on the drug to Mrs. R.’s doctor, which caused the doctor to prescribe it without confirming that the ulcer was caused by omeprazole. The company then went to the U.S. district court and requested that Mrs. R. pay back thousands of dollars because she was infected with lice.

Another case involves a man whose kidney failed several years ago.

He received renal transplants several years ago that succeeded in bringing him back to health. Unfortunately, the transplanted kidneys did not function properly, and now the man has serious side effects from the transplanted organ. One lawsuit that was brought against GlaxoSmithKline, the company that manufactured the drug in question, ultimately led to the dismissal of the man’s claims.

Omeprazole is known to have caused severe side effects, including serious kidney infections and Lupus.

This is why it is crucial that anyone taking or using omeprazole (including the generic version of the drug) consult a lawyer with experience in cases like these. A lawsuit like Mrs. R.’s could force the pharmaceutical giant to acknowledge its wrongful acts, repair the harm it caused, and pay personal damages. Personal injury lawsuits like these are usually very successful.

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  1. I have been a long time regular user of Omeprazole, plus 4 years daily. I was never advised of the side affects regarding kidney damage, brittle bones and Lupus until last week when my doctor increased my dosage from 20mg to 40mg, a flyer was added to my prescription advising this new concern. In November 2021 I was diagnosed with Lupus. I would like any feedback on current or possible representation. I have taken myself off Omeprazole and am under a physician’s care. TIA

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