Premier Protein Lawsuit Lawsuits


Premier Fitness and Bodybuilding, Inc. has established itself as a leader in the bodybuilding industry by producing top notch performance enhancing supplements. The company also produces premier performance enhancing protein drinks. If you are planning to use its products or drinks, then you must know that there are various types of liabilities attached to using their products. These products may not be safe for long term consumption. Hence, it is important to know more about these liability issues before using their supplements.

One of the main reasons behind this risk is that the ingredients that are used to make the supplement are not safe. Some of them have been banned in some countries have introduced certain restrictions on the use of some of them. This means that even if a manufacturer is trying to introduce new supplements into the market that have high value contents; there is a high chance that the new product will not be safe for long term consumption. There are many claims that have been made about the effectiveness of a particular supplement pill. However, there is no guarantee that the claims are true.

Another reason behind the risk of these pills is that there are numerous cases of injury and damages. There have been several claims made against a popular brand of premier protein drink. In one such case, an American woman was reportedly caused permanent disability due to the use of a particular product. There have been various other such incidents.

As far as the safety issue is concerned, it all depends upon the way in which the claims are evaluated and whether they hold legal value. Only the legal value of the claims holds any value. If a consumer is injured because of the use of a certain product and makes a claim for its safety, then the manufacturer has to prove that it is safe for long term use. It is always wise to consult a physician before consuming anything because one’s body needs proper nutrition and if it is not provided with the required nutrients then it may cause an injury.

Premier Protein is one of the leading brands of sports drink and supplements. The company manufactures protein shakes and also provides complete protein and other supplements like whey isolate, hydrolysate mixes and concentrate. The company produces its own products rather than using artificial ingredients or byproducts. There have been several controversies regarding the use of chemical additives in these products. The use of these chemicals is banned in most countries because they may cause long term health problems and even anemia.

One of the primary reasons for the incidence of injuries related to these supplements is the lack of proper coaching. Proper coaching helps athletes in avoiding injury and getting optimal performance. Many of the supplements used by athletes are not manufactured using quality ingredients and they have no effect on the injury process. They do not have the quality that is required to avoid any injury. Most of the products of premier protein are reasonably priced. They are readily available at sports stores and even through online portals.

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