Progressives Endorse Aaron Goldstein For Attorney General


Aaron Goldstein is a Democrat who ran for attorney general in Illinois. He has extensive experience in criminal defense and public defender cases. He was a member of the defense team for former governor Rod Blagojevich. He also ran against long-time Democratic committeeman Dick Mell to become the party’s committeeman in Chicago’s 33rd ward. If you’re considering Goldstein for attorney general, read on to learn about His progressive agenda and his views on the big banks.

Defending the people

The Progressives of Kane County (PKC) are endorsing Aaron Goldstein for Illinois Attorney General. Goldstein’s progressive agenda includes equal justice under the law. He would reform the criminal justice system, end mass incarceration, and fight corruption. His platform will be a welcome change from the prevailing Republican Party. To learn more about Aaron, visit his website. And don’t miss out on his campaign events.

Before serving as attorney general of Illinois, Aaron Goldstein served as a public defender, civil rights lawyer, and criminal defense lawyer in Chicago. He has served as a member of the defense team for former governor Rod Blagojevich. He has also held leadership positions in other organizations, including serving as an assistant county attorney in New Castle County, an assistant city solicitor in Wilmington, and a public defender for the State of Delaware’s Office of Defender Services.

His progressive agenda

The progressive agenda of Rabbi Aaron Goldstein is not new, but it is not mainstream. While he’s been a senior rabbi for The ark Synagogue since 2008, Goldstein has been a strong advocate for Liberal Judaism. His progressive agenda has included fighting for equal marriage and supporting Jewish detainees at Harmondsworth. He has also served as the chair of the Rabbinic Conference of Liberal Judaism and currently serves as the governor of Leo Baeck College.

While Goldstein is a well-known public defender, his political ambitions go beyond being an attorney. He’s a former ward committeeman for the Democrat Party and has defeated Republican incumbent Dick Mell in the 33rd Congressional District. He faces a crowded field of Democratic opponents in his race for attorney general. These include Renato Mariotti, Scott Drury, Jesse Ruiz, and Nancy Rotering. His Republican opponents are Gary Grasso and Erika Harold.

His experience

Attorney General-elect Aaron Goldstein’s resume is impressive, combining public defender experience with private practice. He has defended former Gov. Rod Blagojevich in his second federal corruption trial. He also teaches trial advocacy at DePaul University. He and his wife, Nicole, live in Chicago. The video below highlights his experience. The campaign also released a video of Goldstein on the importance of being an attorney general.

While serving as State Solicitor at the Department of Justice, Aaron Goldstein has a diverse background. Before joining the DOJ, he was a public defender and served as chief deputy attorney general under Matt Denn. He also served in several leadership positions, including as an Assistant County Attorney for New Castle County, an Assistant City Solicitor at Wilmington, and an Assistant Public Defender for the State of Delaware Office of Defender Services.

His views on big banks

In recent years, we’ve seen many political candidates call for banks to offer cheaper accounts, and more tech companies are competing with the big boys by offering their version of bank services, such as Venmo. But should the federal government step in to help the community? Is it time to change our banking system and put customers first? It’s certainly not impossible, but it will take political will and profits.

The Supreme Court’s recent decision has had a big impact on the CFPB. The next president can fire the director of the bureau if he sees fit, and Joe Biden has the authority to do so. The current director, however, was appointed by President Trump in 2018 and isn’t as aggressive as Lisa would like. That’s a big issue, and Goldstein’s views on the big banks aren’t always the most balanced.

His perspective on the LGBT community

Mr. Goldstein’s life touched the lives of many. While working for the Neiman Marcus store in San Francisco, he met Lorae Lauritch and many other “A-list” celebrities. He loved to gossip about these people, but his political views were shaped by his experience. This was not an uncommon experience for an attorney general in his position. But Mr. Goldstein’s perspective on the LGBT community was unique. He was gay and had an equal right to equal protection under the law.

In his role as senior rabbi of The ark Synagogue, Aaron Goldstein has advocated for equality in the LGBT community. He has fought for the rights of detainees at Harmondsworth and supported inclusion policies in Liberal Judaism. In addition, he has served on the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) and the LGBT Democratic Club.

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