Selling Source Lawsuit Against Nationwide Source Inc


The Nationwide Source was accused by 3M of selling counterfeit N95 masks. The lawsuit has resulted in the Company’s removal from a Delray Beach office building, an injunction requiring it to stop using the trademarks of 3M, and damages to the Hennepin county medical center. Whether or not the Company will win the case depends on the outcome of the trial. If the plaintiff wins the case, the company will face two years of probation and a fine of up to $2 million.

3M accuses Nationwide Source of selling counterfeit N95 masks

In late December, 3M filed a lawsuit against Nationwide Source, alleging that the company sold thousands of counterfeit N95 face masks. In the lawsuit, 3M argues that Nationwide’s sale of inauthentic masks cost the hospital more than six times as much as it would have paid for genuine ones. The court granted the plaintiffs a preliminary injunction, requiring Nationwide to stop using 3M trademarks and falsely claiming to be an authorized retailer.

The lawsuit was filed after a nurse in Hennepin County, Minnesota, suspected a counterfeit mask was being sold at a medical center in the city. The nurse contacted 3M to verify the mask’s authenticity. Nationwide Source didn’t respond to a cease-and-desist letter and 3M filed suit. Nationwide Source is still trying to respond to the lawsuit, and it does not have an attorney listed.

The company has moved out of the Delray Beach office building

The owner of a Delray Beach office building may be facing a selling source lawsuit after moving out of the property. The Delray Beach office building is the headquarters of the company. The company had long occupied the property, but it is not revealing the location of its new headquarters. It is awaiting the approval of a $16.7 million public incentive package before it announces the new location.

Subculture Coffee Roasters has left its Delray Beach office building after losing a lawsuit filed against the landlord. The company leased space from the property’s owner and rely on the broker’s word led to a lawsuit and a trial. The case resulted in the closure of Subculture Coffee Roasters, a popular coffee shop in the area. The eviction action was won by Burke on a technicality based on oral representation. Burke also granted the sublease to 123 East LLC, a prominent commercial real estate broker in Delray Beach. The original lease between Burke and Subculture was handled by Christian Prakas, a real estate agent in Boca Raton.

The company has been ordered to stop using 3M trademarks

A Minnesota court has issued a preliminary injunction requiring Nationwide Source Inc. to stop selling 3M-branded N95 face masks. The company sold the respirators to the Hennepin County Medical Center for six times the price of an authentic one. The ruling imposes severe sanctions on Nationwide, including a ban on using 3M trademarks and trademark infringement. The judge ordered Nationwide to stop using 3M trademarks and to cease falsely claiming it is an authorized retailer.

The lawsuits are not the first time 3M has sought such a preliminary injunction. The company has filed lawsuits in Indiana, Wisconsin, and Florida, as well as 10 other states and Canada. These lawsuits were initiated because dozens of companies attempted to sell 3M respirators to state emergency managers. In the absence of a distributor, dozens of companies have filled the void, including unconventional suppliers.

The company must pay damages to Hennepin county medical center

A Minnesota hospital bought counterfeit 3M N95 respirators from a non-authorized distributor. The hospital paid 625 percent over 3M’s list price for the fake respirators. A nurse noticed that the masks were not fitting properly and raised concerns. The company pleaded guilty to a lawsuit, which has since been dismissed. However, it will have to pay damages to Hennepin County Medical Center because it failed to follow state laws governing patient privacy.

The Hennepin County Medical Center is facing a lawsuit filed by Cumber’s mother Jessica Scott. The incident took place on March 6, 2017, at the HCMC. Police in the city of Minneapolis requested a 72-hour hold on Cumber because he was uncooperative. The emergency room team gave him Narcan, which reversed the effects of the opioids. Cumber died at the hospital about six hours after his admission.

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