Social Security Disability Lawyers Who Work Pro Bono


Social Security Disability lawyers rarely work pro bono, and this article explores why some choose to do so. Pro bono lawyers take on difficult, but winnable cases, often resulting in a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. But what is pro bono? How does it differ from traditional legal services? Is it possible to get disability benefits by hiring a pro bono attorney? Read on to learn more. This article was written by disability lawyers who regularly volunteer their services to nonprofit organizations and the general public.

Social Security disability lawyers don’t normally work pro bono

A social security disability lawyer can help you make the most of your benefits by examining your application from all angles and looking for any holes in it. According to statistics, the Social Security Administration turns down most of these applications, so hiring an SSD lawyer can help you increase your chances of approval. A disability attorney will ensure that your application is complete and accurate. These are two of the most important aspects of your application and can make or break your case.

Most disability lawyers are paid on a contingency basis. They get paid a certain percentage of the backpay they win for their clients. However, to get a disability attorney, Social Security will have to approve the fee and limit it to a certain amount. However, hiring a lawyer is worth the money, since the benefits they will secure are invaluable. It is well worth your money to get an experienced disability lawyer to help you with your case.

They don’t charge up front

If you need to hire a Social Security Disability attorney but can’t afford their services, consider using a nonprofit organization or community group. These organizations often work on a contingent fee basis, meaning that they only collect fees if your claim is approved. Additionally, these nonprofit organizations will often use the fees they earn from winning disability claims to help fund their other services, so they won’t normally waive their fees.

Most disability lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means that you don’t pay them upfront. They will review your case and determine the likelihood of obtaining benefits for you. Once they have determined that you’ll receive benefits, they defer their fees until the first payment from the SSA. Be aware, however, that the disability benefits process can take several months, if not a year. Regardless of the fee arrangement, hiring a disability attorney will often be worth it. They will know the best ways to provide sound, compelling evidence to persuade examiners and prepare a strong application for you.

They take on tough but winnable cases

When retired from a distinguished career with the Department of Agriculture, Tom Bundy never considered becoming a pro bono disability lawyer. However, a recommendation from Fredericksburg attorney Glenn Goodpasture changed that. He began volunteering every Monday at the Culpeper branch of Legal Aid Works, helping applicants denied Social Security disability benefits. Despite his modest income, Tom is proud of his pro bono work.

Many attorneys are reluctant to take on cases unless they are fully compensated. Many pro bono attorneys work for no or little pay. In exchange for their time and expertise, they take on cases that are tough but winnable and provide invaluable service to disabled individuals. They have also been honored with several awards for their pro bono work. Steptoe received the National Peace Corps Association’s 2019 Pro Bono Attorney of the Year award and the Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing’s 2018 Pro Bono Advocate Award.

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