The Average IQ of Lawyers


Lawyers have high IQs. While some occupations do not require much in the way of IQ, the legal field requires a high IQ. Lawyers have to read volumes of information and use abstract and analytical thinking to formulate legal opinions. It’s not surprising then that lawyers are often considered to have high IQs. There are also many myths surrounding the IQ of lawyers. Read on to learn about some of the most common ones.

IQ tests are reliable

Despite their popularity, many people question whether IQ tests for lawyers are reliable. The arguments for and against using an IQ test for legal eligibility are varied, and the evidence is mixed. One study, cited by many lawyers, suggests that IQ tests for lawyers are not reliable in determining attorney abilities. However, a new study challenges that assertion. According to the CMPO study, IQ scores are reliable in determining the relative economic prosperity of attorneys’ parents.

While there is much debate surrounding the validity of intelligence tests, there is no question that modern IQ tests tap into much more than verbal skills. The tests should be highly reliable and valid. The IQ test results should be relevant and accurate to the field in which the applicant wishes to practice. If they aren’t, then it is probably best not to pursue that field. However, if a lawyer is a candidate who is highly educated, then an IQ test for lawyers may be helpful in determining whether or not an individual can handle their job.

They don’t account for creativity or social intelligence

There is some controversy over the idea that lawyers have higher IQs. While some experts have suggested that lawyers’ higher IQs are related to their parents’ higher socioeconomic status, others believe that this is not the case. The researchers used the standard deviation of IQ in their study, which is 15 points. IQs of lawyers are typically between 85 and 115, which is considered normal.

They don’t predict health

It is well known that attorneys have higher IQs than the general population, but is their IQ really a good indicator of their health? In a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, Carl Lygo and colleagues concluded that lawyers are not necessarily more intelligent than the general population. The average IQ of lawyers in the study was 91, a bit below the norm for the population. However, these researchers found that lawyers’ IQs are still far better than those of the general population.

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