Virginia Trial Lawyers Association


The Virginia Trial Lawyers Association is a nonprofit organization that advocates for trial bar and judicial industry professionals in the state of Virginia. Members benefit from its legal education resources, practice programs, legislative services, and advocacy activities. Below is a summary of some of its main services. You can learn more about its purpose, history, and benefits. This organization is a great resource for lawyers interested in personal injury and other types of litigation.


The purpose of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association is to serve as a voice for the legal industry and promote the rights of trial attorneys. The organization also aims to increase the public’s awareness of jury duty and the importance of trial lawyer education. The organization provides continuing legal education seminars throughout the Commonwealth and operates the Virginia College of Trial Advocacy. It also produces several publications and list-serves and hosts the Virginia Criminal Justice Conference.

The group’s members networked across the state, faxed briefs, and shared new trial court opinions. They fought for injured victims and worked to change the law to better serve ordinary citizens and the weak. They teamed up and shared ideas, including the fight against write-offs and the fight against the insurance industry. They also recognized the work of individual trial lawyers through the Courageous Advocate Award. To learn more about the Purpose of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association, click here.


The Virginia Trial Lawyers Association, an organization of attorneys practicing trial law, was established in 1959. Since its founding, the group has aimed to promote trial lawyer competency, improve the law, and promote the benefits of an effective judicial system. Today, the association has about 2,000 members from across the Commonwealth, who represent a wide variety of clients. Its mission is to represent plaintiffs and defendants in court proceedings and to defend the rights of those who have been wronged.

To support its mission and increase public awareness of its services, the Association founded the Lawyers Helping Lawyers program. This group offers a comprehensive suite of legal technology services for businesses. Its offerings range from remote access technology to business continuity systems and security and networking. Lawyers and their law firms partner with the organization to help improve the services it provides. The organization is dedicated to serving the legal community and working with lawyers to make their services accessible and improve their practice.


If you are a practicing litigation attorney in the state of Virginia, you should consider a Virginia trial lawyers association membership. These associations provide many benefits for their members, including the ability to access a database of over 500,000 expert witness depositions. Members also have access to list serves that cover different practice areas. In addition to the list serve, the Virginia trial lawyers association also produces continuing legal education courses for its members. While these courses are typically presented in person at the annual conference, many are available online as well.

The Virginia trial lawyers association is comprised of several sections, each of which has specific requirements for membership. For example, women must submit written certifications of their credentials for the Workers Compensation Section. They must also be a member of the Young Trial Lawyers Section to receive their newsletter. If you are a lawyer who is interested in becoming involved in a special section of the association, you can join the Women’s Caucus.


As a member of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association, you’ll have access to a wealth of resources that benefit the practice of law. From online lists and a database of more than 500,000 depositions by expert witnesses to continuing legal education courses, this association’s resources are invaluable. Whether you attend the annual conference in person or just take an online course, you’ll be well-equipped to handle any legal issue.

VTLA members are automatically members of the Women’s Caucus, which is chaired by Brielle Hunt and supported by Valerie O’Brien. Young trial lawyers under the age of 36 are automatically members of the association’s Young Trial Lawyers, which serves as a network of younger attorneys and judges. These organizations foster the development of legal services for Virginia’s youth and promote equal access to justice for all.


If you want to get involved with the Trial Lawyers Association of Virginia, there are several ways to get involved. Sponsorships are available for a variety of events. VTLA is an organization dedicated to improving the standards of professionalism in the trial bar. Members are committed to upholding the civil liberties of the people, preserving the rights of trial lawyers, and improving the state’s judicial system. You can become a sponsor today!

In addition to conducting continuing legal education seminars throughout the Commonwealth, the VTLA also operates the Virginia College of Trial Advocacy, a specialized training program for attorneys and judges that focuses on improving advocacy skills. The association publishes several publications, maintains a website, and operates numerous listservs. In addition to these programs, VTLA holds an annual conference titled the Virginia Criminal Justice Conference.

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