4 Ways Collaborative Family Lawyers Establish a Healthy Foundation for Co-parenting

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Coming out of a divorce with both parties smiling is difficult to achieve. Usually, one side initiates the divorce, and even they aren’t in a particularly great mood after what can be a long, emotionally draining, and expensive process.

Collaborative family lawyers understand these challenges and help create a healthy foundation for co-parenting in four ways. Please read on to learn what they are.

1. Conciliatory Collaboration and Tone

The start of a divorce can be especially fraught. The two parties aren’t accustomed to being separated yet and haven’t adjusted to the very different terms of their new relationship. Leading collaborative firms like Tailor Law divorce lawyers begin the proceedings with a very conciliatory note to help establish trust and goodwill.

Establishing a framework for how the parties treat one another can be understandably difficult — one person no longer has the life-long confidant they thought they expected to have, and creating trust after such a rupture is challenging. You need a lawyer experienced in navigating legal matters beset by strong emotions who can strike the right tone.

2. Reasonable Concessions

Collaborative lawyers seek to secure the best outcome possible for their clients, which includes things like a favourable asset split, custody, and alimony. However, they know that nothing matters more than their client’s children’s well-being.

Sometimes, their ex-partner has a special skill representing a unique bond with their child, which would be wrong to sever. For example, if one parent is a filmmaker or actor and their child dreams of following in their footsteps, the parents should agree on finding a path forward that keeps the child’s dreams alive.

Not only does this benefit the child, but seeing such a mutual commitment to parenting helps establish trust between the newly divorced couple.

3. Professional Throughout

As the divorce proceedings continue, lawyers need to maintain their poise and professionalism, even if the temperature gets a little heated. The couple going through the divorce may feel an understandable swell of emotions, so it’s up to their legal representatives to keep that from spilling into the proceedings.

It’s one thing to experience strong feelings at a crucial juncture in your life. The professionals you hire need to support you, and their legal expertise and guidance should be comforting.

4. Efficient, Effective Resolutions

The leading family lawyers aim to make divorce as inexpensive, quick, and favourable as possible. They’ll work hard to get you the terms you deserve, but they’ll wrap things up as quickly as possible.

Watching the proceedings drag on can be demoralizing and draining. Resolving the situation favourably and quickly allows parents to focus on parenting while also letting them move forward with their personal lives.

Divorce can be hard, but if one of the partners feels it’s necessary, then it’s the right thing to do. It’s crucial that divorcing parents with children take steps to make the separation as quick and painless as possible for their kids so they have a solid footing to start being effective co-parents. Hiring a family lawyer who emphasizes collaboration and views their client’s goals holistically makes this difficult thing much easier to achieve.

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