What Can I Do If I Accidentically Hit An AT&T Roadside Assistance Robot?


A recent At&T roadside assistance lawsuit has resulted in the company being fined $3 million by the state of Georgia. The fine was related to a system installed in the At&T fleet of trucks that helped drivers with their chains. The software was supposed to prevent the automatic opener of the doors, but instead it caused the driver’s door to slam when it shouldn’t. The automatic opener closed the door on a moving vehicle and injured the person at the wheel. The case was settled in January.

At&T Roadside Assistance Lawsuit

This is not the first case At&T has had in this area. In August, 2021, a Federal jury awarded a settlement to a woman who suffered severe burns in an accident at a Shell gas station. She was driving an unmarked car when she was hit by an uninsured driver who failed to yield the right of way.

The driver fled the scene and left the woman in need of serious medical treatment. When she went to the hospital, her lawyers discovered that the accident report said that the driver failed to yield due to lack of insurance. The trial ended with the company paying the victim a total of $3 million dollars.

Another case brought against At&T involved drivers who failed to yield when traveling south on I-35.

A tractor trailer hit a utility pole, forcing one of the drivers in the front to swerve across the railroad tracks. Other vehicles were damaged as well, resulting in numerous lawsuits against At&T.

Both of these accidents highlight a much larger problem. While At&T does provide a very useful service, their drivers should exercise more caution along the interstate.

It is entirely possible that, given enough time, these accidents could have been prevented. There may be other benefits of the At&T roadside assistance lawsuit, but these two are likely to motivate drivers to drive more carefully.

If you live in Georgia, you may wish to take advantage of your state’s legal professionals. Professional liability cases can be quite complex, and they require a lot of work on the part of the attorney. You should contact a highly experienced attorney immediately following an accident to discuss your case. He or she will assess your case and recommend whether or not it should move forward. It is important to have your lawsuit filed as quickly as possible, especially if you want to retain the services of an at&t representative.

At&T should be faultless in their efforts to protect others on the road. However, the company does not have the same responsibility as other corporations when it comes to ensuring their drivers are exercising proper caution. If your case can be proven that an At&T representative was responsible for your injuries, the company may be held liable. Before you sign any documents or hand over any money, make sure that you understand all the details of your At&T roadside assistance lawsuit.

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