What is a Breast Implant Lawsuit?


Breast implant lawsuit details have been in the news quite frequently lately. A number of women have been left with large breasts after surgery and are now seeking monetary compensation for their troubles. Unfortunately, this type of case is typical. Other patients have reported everything from neck pain to infections to scarring from the procedure. Whether these reports are true or not remains to be seen, but it is clear that these situations can be emotionally draining, financially stressful, and difficult for both the patient and her attorney.

In recent years, medical experts have continually warned of the dangers associated with silicone implants. These implants contain a composition of silicone, which has been shown in numerous studies to be dangerous for both the woman and her unborn child. Unfortunately, in the United States and in many other countries, the Food and Drug Administration allows manufacturers to use the ingredient despite evidence that it is dangerous. Because of this, many women who desired larger, firmer breasts are seeking damages from companies that produce these products.

There is currently a special appeals court case in California dealing with a similar set of circumstances. This case involved a breast implant lawsuit in which a jury awarded $1.75 million to a woman who lost her job after suffering an injury from working with silicone. Her attorney argued that the manufacturer was aware of the dangers of silicone but sold the product anyway, knowing full well that its use resulted in serious side effects. Another court case in Florida also deals with the same scenario. There, a breast implant lawsuit against a cosmetic company resulted in an agreement between the parties that the plaintiff would receive a total of forty-eight thousand dollars without taking out any health insurance. The amount will be dispersed over time, usually in six payments.

While many lawsuits such as these are settled out of court, others are filed in front of the courts. Some of these cases have been especially contentious, because it involves artificial implants being replaced with saline ones. The implants were rejected by the FDA due to safety concerns, and the result has been a new breast implant lawsuit in California.

The plaintiffs argue that the FDA did not take into consideration the numerous studies that had been conducted worldwide regarding the dangers of silicone implants. They also say that the FDA failed to take into consideration that many women have successfully used saline implants for the rest of their lives. One of these lawsuits, brought by a woman who suffered a permanent loss of feeling after having an implant made of silicone, received media attention all over the world. Many of these plaintiffs have already lost their jobs due to their inability to return to work due to injuries sustained from the surgery. Even worse, these plaintiffs have already paid thousands of dollars for medical treatment which they say the company refused to pay. Now, the outcome of this lawsuit may determine how much pain will be alleviated for these unfortunate people.

Another breast implant lawsuit in the works deals with a case which involves saline implants. This lawsuit was brought on behalf of a woman who lost one breast to a ruptured implant. She is seeking damages for mental anguish as well as physical pain and suffering. If you are a plaintiff and think that you may have been a victim of defective or harmful breast implant surgery, contact an attorney immediately.

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