What Is A Sertraline Lawsuit?


If you suffer from depression or suffer from sexually addictive behavior then you are probably familiar with the problems that occur when you do not take prescribed medications. Many of these lawsuits are launched by people who have suffered serious depression, suicidal ideas, and other sexual dysfunction after taking this particular drug.

Sexual addiction is a serious mental disorder that results in ruined relationships and often results in suicide. Fortunately, many cases of sexual addiction have been successfully litigated in court.

Sertraline Lawsuit

In most cases the doctor responsible will try to blame the victim. This is the classic defense mechanism that any drug manufacturer will resort to in an attempt to avoid the blame and liability. It is worth noting that no pharmaceutical company is going to go on the record denying the claims that their product is addictive or dangerous. So, for the sake of argument lets assume that this is true.

One such lawsuit was brought against the Catholic Church and the prescribing doctor of one of its most popular drugs, Levitra.

The lawsuit was brought by a man who had started to suffer from problems relating to sexual addiction and wanted to recover from his problem. It was discovered that Levitra contained a chemical called Sertraline, which are one of the prescription strengths of the drug, and in fact Levitra was the first drug on the market with this specific chemical.

The patient’s doctor was involved in the lawsuit and, as was the insurance provider.

The reason for the lawsuit was due to the fact that Levitra was being used improperly and was being prescribed to patients in an improper fashion. Levitra is a stimulant and as such should only be prescribed to a very sick patient under strict medical supervision. Also, the dosage needs to be carefully monitored in order to prevent an overdose from occurring.

In this case, the patient had started to suffer from back pain related to a car accident.

The doctor had prescribed Levitra for his condition and now had found that it was causing him to feel much better. However, when he went home for the weekend, he had a terrible headache, which had intensified over the weekend as he had been taking Levitra all week without any break.

The next morning he had a large headache and also felt like his brain was on fire. The next thing that he did was go to his general dentist who then told him that he had been misdiagnosed with a heart problem.

The lawsuit was eventually thrown out and the doctor was ordered to pay compensation to the patient for the stress and worry caused by the incident.

A psychiatrist who was actually working with the patient at the time, did try to defend him, but lost the case. Sertraline has been proven to be an effective treatment for some people. For those who are unlucky enough to have to use it, you may find yourself wishing that you had not.

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