Wrongful Arrest Lawyers – False Arrest and False Imprisonment


If you have been the victim of a wrongful arrest, you may be wondering if you can sue for compensation. If so, you should contact wrongful arrest lawyers like Geonetta & Frucht. These lawyers can help you file a lawsuit against the officers who arrested you and other authorities. This article explains the different types of lawsuits, including False arrest and false imprisonment, as well as Justification. Keeping these three important points in mind will help you decide whether you can file a lawsuit against the authorities.

wrongful arrest

If you have been arrested without reason, you may be able to hold those responsible accountable. Wrongful arrests can occur because an officer’s actions may be unwarranted, or because there is a lack of evidence. In such cases, you can take legal action to get the charges dropped. The first step is to contact a lawyer who specializes in this type of case. Wrongful arrest lawyers can help you determine whether a lawsuit is viable.

The police have broad powers to arrest people, but they must have sufficient evidence to justify the arrest. You may be entitled to a lawsuit for an unlawful arrest, but proving your claim is difficult. You must overcome the government’s qualified immunity defense, which shields government officials from being sued. Wrongful arrest attorneys can help you fight for the compensation you deserve. Wrongful arrest lawyers can also help you file a lawsuit against the police department.

False arrest

If you’ve been wrongfully arrested, you may be entitled to civil damages. These damages may include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, defamation, and embarrassment. You can also recover punitive damages in certain cases. However, there are many obstacles to recovering monetary damages for false arrests, including law enforcement immunity. Here are some common obstacles you may encounter when filing a lawsuit.

Typically, a privileged arrest is the most commonly contested in court. It is a case where the police had an ominous warrant or court order to make the arrest. In contrast, probable cause is a more vague defense, requiring the police officer to have reasonable suspicion that the person was guilty. Probable cause is a legal term that is difficult to define. However, it is vital to remember that even if you believe that an arrest was justified, it doesn’t mean that it was.

False imprisonment

If you have been the victim of a false arrest or imprisonment, you may have grounds to bring a claim against the police officer. In many instances, municipalities argue that a police officer was acting beyond his or her duty, and therefore not liable for damages. Even if a police officer does not use actual force, the threat of force can be enough to establish the officer’s intent. False imprisonment and wrongful arrest lawyers can help you fight these claims.

In some cases, the defendant knew that the basis for the arrest was not true, but still refused to comply with the officer’s orders. This is called a “wrongful arrest,” and the defendant had no right to resist the officer. It is also possible for a private individual to commit a false arrest by restraining another person without consent or lawful authority. False imprisonment, on the other hand, can be a serious crime.


A wrongful arrest is a terrifying and humiliating experience, and a person’s right to due process may have been violated. Even if police officer does everything they are supposed to, sometimes they make a mistake and arrest someone without a legal basis. In such cases, a person may have the right to file a civil rights lawsuit against the police department and individual officers. A knowledgeable wrongful arrest lawyer can help victims of such situations prove that their arrest was unlawful and seek justice.

A wrongful arrest lawyer is essential if you’ve been wrongfully detained. Your rights as a citizen are not automatic. Just because an officer has a badge does not mean he has the authority to arrest you. Often, officers overstep their bounds and make unjustified arrests when people get in the way of a legitimate police investigation. This is where a lawyer can make the difference.

Contacting a wrongful arrest lawyer

A false arrest is an extremely stressful experience for the person who is detained. Whether you are a resident of the city or have lived in the surrounding area for years, you can benefit from the help of a New York wrongful arrest lawyer. False arrests occur due to police overreach and failure to follow proper procedures. Victims of false arrests often endure physical and emotional abuse. If you have been detained, contact a wrongful arrest lawyer today.

Wrongful arrest lawyers will review the evidence against the officer who made the arrest. Wrongful arrests can result in barring from certain claims. An attorney will make sure that the evidence is solid and that the police officer is responsible for the false arrest. Furthermore, a lawyer can also help you decide whether you have a valid case. If the police officer was acting in self-defense, you may be eligible for a wrongful arrest lawsuit.

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  1. Arrested 9/21/22 Dom , Violence Have An Attoney.. But Seeing No Result.s 70 day.s Scram Bracelet..My Own Propert,y.. Please Call With Any Advice??

  2. Arrested in my driveway

    My Daughter And Wife Pulled In My Driveway. Daughter Thougt She Was Going To Send Daddy To Jail? My Wife Seen It Was Getting Heated And Sprayed Me Down With Water,, I Went To Stop Her And Accidently Pushed Her Down! Police Came Took Their Statement,s ..I Was Placed In The Police Car…Gave Me A Report ,, I Did Not Want To Make A Statement. A Few Minutes Later He Came Back .. Put The Cuffs On Me.He Said Iam Taking You In.. I Said If Your Taking Me In , I Want To Make A Statement,, He Said You Had Your Chance??Taken To Jail.. No Medical Provided. I Am 64 Years Old No Record.. Retired 29 Nine Years.Never Merandised. Placed On Scram Bracelet 70 Days..9/21/22 No Pretrial Till 12/13/22. I Plead No Contest Judge Said I Dont Accept That. You Must Plead Guilty!!! Was Placed On One Year Probation. Substance Abuse??My Wife Has A Long Record Of DUI,S And Drugs. 2001 .One Charge Of Domestic Violence On Me??Her Dom. Was Dropped The Next Day!! Have A Criminal Attorney.. But I Feel I Was Wronged??

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