When Should You Hire a Workers Comp Lawyer?

Workers Comp Lawyer

You are moving boxes and heavy equipment at work when suddenly you lift a rather incredibly heavy box that makes you feel like you just pulled a muscle, or perhaps you slipped and fell due to the negligence of your boss or co-workers. These constitute work injuries and should be treated as such, which means you are entitled to workers comp. The first call of action in these situations is to call a lawyer, but is this always the best thing to do?

As surprising as it may seem, not all work accidents require you to hire a lawyer. Yes, you may get the opinion of a professional lawyer with a free consultation and in many cases, that’s about it. Hiring a lawyer in minor injury cases that do not require much medical treatment maybe a little too much especially as workers comp has been designed to cover such cases.

Here are a few reasons you should hire a workers comp lawyer:

If Your Boss or Employer Avoids Taking Responsibility and Refuses to Pay Compensation

When you get injured at work, whether minor or major it is the responsibility of your employer to handle all medical expenses and pay for damages. In many cases, employers try to avoid taking blame by claiming that your injury did not happen at work.

In this case, you would need the services of your lawyer who would help you provide proof and file a Claim for Compensation.

The refusal of your employer to take responsibility as soon as possible delays medical treatment and may cause further damages.

If Your Employer Delays Compensation or Does Not Acknowledge Your Claim

After a work accident, you have to compile a report, provide all necessary paperwork and submit it to your state workers comp board before filing a claim. Contrary to what is commonly believed, you may file a Claim without hiring a lawyer and this entire process should not take more than a month.

If your employer’s response to the claim is lackadaisical, then you need the help of a lawyer. Your lawyer uses his expertise to hasten the process thus allowing you to receive compensation faster and easier.

If the Settlement Offered Does Not Cover Medical Treatment and Other Expenses

You have filed a claim, it was acknowledged and compensation was offered, but it does not cover your medical bills and other expenses that follow. This is a major problem that especially occurs when victims speak to insurance companies without the presence of a lawyer.

Compensation money should cover medical bills, damages, and salary for the time you will be unable to work due to your injuries. If the accident resulted in permanent damages or disability that will prevent you from fully recovering, then compensation becomes expensive and insurance companies will try to contest the claim.

Regardless of the extent of your injuries, a lawyer helps you to navigate these complex legal processes and ensures that you get full compensation for damages and suffering.

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