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If you’re looking for a lawyer, you can find one with a black background by searching online. LegalMatch, Henning, Bradley, and Vashon are some attorneys who practice law in this area. You can also consider contacting your local bar association or black lawyers for a justice group. However, if you’re not sure who to hire, read on to learn more. Then, contact them. You’ll be glad you did!


The purpose of LegalMatch for black lawyers is to connect attorneys and clients. The system matches cases to lawyers with the same practice areas, geographic area, and ethnicity. By creating matches for black attorneys, this service connects clients with attorneys who understand the systemic barriers to legal representation. A black lawyer may not have the experience or resources to take on a case without the help of a white attorney, but they can be connected to a community of clients who are looking for attorneys of color.


In his book, Henning highlights the problems affecting Black youth and the role police play in shaping their identities. Although states no longer execute innocent Black children, they transfer them to criminal court and sentence them harshly compared to white youth. He shows how over-policing Black youths lead to trauma and highlights the harmful impact of shackling. He traces the roots of school-based policing, which he says is often motivated by racial bias.


The lawyers at Bradley Black Lawyers for Justice combine the highest level of legal expertise with an unwavering commitment to their client’s best interests. With offices in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and the District of Columbia, Bradley represents clients in various industries. The firm’s attorneys are renowned for their aggressive advocacy and tireless negotiation on their clients’ behalf. Each law firm lawyer focuses on a specific area of law, such as corporate and criminal litigation.


George Vashon was born in Carlisle, Pennsylvania in 1824. He was the son of John Bathan Vashon, an abolitionist and respected leader in the African-American community. As a child, Vashon took up the abolitionist cause and was elected secretary of the Pittsburgh Juvenile Anti-Slavery Society. At fourteen, he co-founded the organization, which eventually became the ABA.

Bradley’s disbarment in New York

The People v. Bradley case was decided in Kings County on August 17, 2012. The opinion was published under Judiciary Law SS 431 and is uncorrected. Uncorrected opinions will not appear in Official Reports. This case is one of several involving attorneys’ conduct in the administration of justice. Bradley was a former court-appointed guardian and conservator of his ward. Bradley’s reported cases include several landmark cases.

Henning’s arrest in Georgia

Henning is one of the most prominent legal cases involving marijuana charges. In a Georgia trial, the jury found the Georgia man not guilty of two charges of possession with intent to deliver, but guilty of bail jumping on the charge of simple possession. This case shows the importance of Miranda rights and the need to protect the rights of those accused of crimes. Here are three factors to keep in mind about Henning’s arrest and conviction:

Tyler Timberlake’s case

Justin Timberlake’s attorney has said he was mistaken for someone else when he pulled the stun gun on Gladney. The bodycam video clearly shows Timberlake calling Gladney Anthony, but Gladney’s attorney says his client was under the influence of drugs. The prosecutor’s office has denied the allegation, claiming they had all the evidence. Black lawyers for justice have been monitoring Timberlake’s case for years.


A prominent attorney of the black community and one of the founding members of Black Lawyers for Equal Justice, Hutchins sat on a select committee to investigate the allegations against President Donald Trump. While his role in the committee was minimal, Hutchins’ work prompted President Trump to publicly condemn Sessions’ recusal from the Russia investigation. Hutchins’ law firm has several black lawyers.

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